artsadv101.newArts Advocacy 101: Being an Advocate Today
Though “advocacy” might seem like a big concept and a little hard to grasp, it is essentially a CALL TO ACTION.  Arts Advocacy aims to influence public policy and resource allocation decisions within politicaleconomic, and social systems and institutions.  DAA intends to make the arts an intrinsic and visible part of Delawareans’ daily lives!

DAA was created in 2009 by sixteen arts organizations throughout the First State to ensure that there is an organization advocating on behalf of all of Delaware’s arts organizations, artists, and arts education.  From its start, DAA had support of both the Delaware Division of the Arts and Americans for the Arts, the largest arts advocacy organization in the country.

Arts Advocacy is no longer a difficult concept. These are some examples to make it very tangible for YOU!

  • Join the Delaware Arts Alliance! DAA has been growing fast, and we need statewide representation and support from organizations and individuals alike. People will only advocate for us when we advocate for ourselves.
  • NEA Chairperson Dr. Janet Chu at the 2016 National Arts Advocacy Day.

    Communicate the importance of the arts to your own network –  friends, colleagues, legislators, the media, civic leaders, kids, teachers, everyone! Powerful advocacy starts with the passionate power of individuals.

  • Keep informed about issues in the creative economy. Knowledge and persistence can work wonders.
  • Make sure arts programming stays in schools.  Attend PTA meetings and work with educators. Helps us make the case for STEAM! (Science, Technology, Engineering, the ARTS, and Math).
  • Attend and support our wonderful Delaware arts and cultural groups!
  • Buy art from local artists.

DAA Think Tank with Senator Tom Carper