Ryan Grover and Carrie HartMember JuneRose FutcherTake the Acts of Advocacy Pledge and Join DAA here! 

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Building a strong base of arts advocates throughout Delaware is one of Delaware Arts Alliance’s main goals of our strategic plan.  DAA individual members are ambassadors for arts advocacy in education, culture, economy, and legislature.  We are very proud of their support and hope you will also join us.

In 2014, the DAA board has made a bold membership decision that we firmly believe will move us dramatically forward. We concluded that the membership fee we were charging was an unintended dis-incentive for creative citizens to get involved. Individual membership in the Delaware Arts Alliance is now completely FREE! 

membership3Instead of asking for a membership fee, we are asking that you pledge to make your support of the arts and of the Alliance with “Acts of Advocacy.” Our form lists specific ways to show your commitment to the arts in Delaware. Please complete the form to activate your free membership for 2015. In return for your support, DAA will keep you up-to-date on advocacy news, initiatives, and happenings throughout the First State.

DAA’s Free Individual Membership Campaign has been a great success.  We made a goal of signing on 500 DAA Free Individual Members by December 2014. We not only met but also exceeded this goal!  In January 2014, DAA had 126 individual members. We began 2015 with 553 new members throughout the state of Delaware who have taken the DAA Acts of Advocacy Pledge—an increase of 438%!

A BIG thanks to all our Individual Members for signing up! You are the reason we reached our membership goal. And we aren’t stopping here—in 2015 DAA will keep reaching out to the arts community and continue to build up our Individual Member base. Our new goal is 650 members by December 2015.  Spread the word to your friends and network to join in arts advocacy!