Institutional Supporters can show their affiliation with DAA and partnership in arts advocacy through the following ways:

1) DAA Institutional Supporter Logos

Here are two logos that are available for use on your organization’s website or promotional materials. We appreciate your placing the logo on your website (or other marketing materials) and linking it to DAA’s website (

DAA Institutional Supporter Logo Vertical

DAA Institutional Supporter Logo Horizontal

DAA Institutional Supporter Logo Horizontal png


2) #WhyDEArtsMatter Campaign

In March 2017, DAA launched a new campaign to show the support of Delawareans in preserving funding of the National Endowment of the Arts, National Endowment of the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and highlighting that the arts make a big impact in our economy and culture. Institutional Supporters can participate in the #WhyDEArtsMatter campaign through:

  • Letters sent to officials through VoterVoice
  • A specially designed Institutional Supporter postcard campaign
  • Social media campaign
  • Compilation of stories that demonstrate the impact of the arts in people’s lives (in partnership with DDOA)
  • In-person visits to federal officials on National Arts Advocacy Day (March 21) and state officials on DE Arts Advocacy Day (May 4)

If you are interested in a specially design postcard for your organization, please contact DAA Operations Specialist Jessica Ball at

NEA Institutional Supporter Postcard example

 3) DAA Ads for Programs

We have provided a series of ads on the Delaware Arts Alliance for Institutional Supporters to place in their programs, if they wish to do so.

Program Ad DAA_5.5×8.5

Program Ad DAA_5.5×4.5

Program Ad DAA_4.25×11
Elena Urioste a Master Class at the Music School of Delaware in Milford