Institutional Supporters can help us spread the word about DAA’s free membership to their patrons so that we can build up our base of arts advocates in the First State.  Here are some tips:

1) Place the DAA logo, which will link to the DAA website, on your website. Contact the DAA Elena Urioste a Master Class at the Music School of Delaware in Milfordoffice to get a copy of our logo.

2) Put a banner ad announcing DAA Free Membership in an e-blast to your members.

“Your Gotta Have Art” Web Banner »

3) Add a small blurb about DAA’s Free Membership Campaign in your newsletter.

     “DAA, founded in 2009 to ensure there is a unified voice advocating for the arts, wanted to make arts advocacy in reach for everyone in the First State.  The free individual membership program allows people to join without a financial charge by taking the DAA “Acts of Advocacy Pledge,” which includes recruiting members; connecting with legislators; purchasing art from local artists; or attending arts events.”

4) Include a DAA Free Membership ad in your playbill or program.Rehoboth Beach Film Society’s annual Independent Film Festival

“Your Gotta Have Art” Rack Card »

“Your Gotta Have Art” Half Horizontal Ad »

“Your Gotta Have Art” Full-page Ad »

5) Make a Facebook post ( or Tweet (@deartsalliance) announcing the DAA Free Individual Membership Campaign.