indvmemberevent1DAA was honored to have its Free Individual Membership Launch at Woodburn, the Governor’s Residence, on Thursday, January 16, 2014.  Delaware’s First Lady Carla Markell and Liane Hansen, Former Senior Host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, were on-hand to discuss the importance of being an arts advocate and the role of the arts in the state of Delaware.  Both signed up as Free Individual Members that day in support of arts advocacy and DAA.  Please join First Lady Carla Markell and Liane Hansen as members of DAA!

DAA Free Individual Membership Campaign Launch
On Thursday, January 16, 2014 the Delaware Arts Alliance (DAA) launched its Free Individual Membership Program at Woodburn, the Governor’s Residence, in Dover with First Lady Carla Markell and Liane Hansen, former Senior Host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday.

Liane Hansen spoke about her arts re-awakening upon relocating to Delaware. “I had not done any theater in 30 years,” she noted. “Because of Clear Space Theatre in Rehoboth, I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream. I love that an alliance is being formed with the many different arts we are blessed with in this state.”

indvmemevent2First Lady Markell stressed the arts are a huge economic drive.  When prospective employers and employees consider Delaware, she highlights the offering of the arts. She continued, “The arts are a critical component to what makes life worthwhile.” She gave examples of how you can see the arts everyday—from taking a class at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts to going on a walk in the gardens of Winterthur to seeing the children at Cab Calloway High School singing songs in the hallways.  “I can’t say enough how much the Governor and I support the arts.”  She thanked DAA for its advocacy work in Delaware.

DAA Executive Director Guillermina Gonzalez handed the First Lady the DAA Acts of Advocacy Pledge and she signed up as a member.  Gonzalez thanked her saying, “You have been such a great advocate.  This now makes it official.” Carrie W. Gray, DAA’s new President and Managing Director at Wilmington Renaissance Corporation, shared her dedication to DAA and arts advocacy and education.  The launch concluded with guests taking the pledge and signing up as DAA members.