The DAA Advocacy Toolkit for Arts Education

Taking a grassroots approach to advocacy for arts education is a great way to show your school that keeping the arts in the curriculum is important.  Here are some tips for talking to representatives in your school district:

1.  Set up a meeting with your school district’s or charter school’s board members or superintendent or charter director. To find your district, check out

2.  Prepare your talking points.  Keep your message positive. Be sure to:

  • Thank the school district and board for their commitment to arts education.
  • Stress that children need a high-quality and complete education and that the arts is a crucial part of that.
  • Share a personal story about how arts education has impacted you or your child.
  • Ask about their position on arts education in the curriculum and how you can help further the case for the arts at the school/district.

3.  Bring supporting materials, such as letters of support or samples of student artwork.

4.   If appropriate, take a group picture and send it to DAA so we can share on our website.


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The DAA Advocacy Toolkit for Arts Education

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