artsecon1The Arts Mean Business in Delaware
Delaware Arts Alliance is committed to showing how the arts play an integral part in Delaware’s economy. The DAA strategic plan calls for DAA to advocate for initiatives which make the arts central to economic development strategies, such as establishing a statewide strategy to create Arts & Culture Districts and to include the arts in cultural tourism activities.  DAA also advocates for public policies that secure a sustainable arts sector.

Some interesting facts about the arts and economy in Delaware are:
2) The arts support 3,868 jobs and are among the top 10 employers in the First State1) The arts are a $142.3 million industry in Delaware.

3) The arts generate $9.9 million in local and state revenue.

4) Patrons and attendees of the arts spend $29.80 per person (beyond admission).

5) The arts are resilient in tough economic times.

AEP Delaware

6) If the arts are not available in Delaware, economic impact won’t be either.

Americans for the Arts complied a compelling report on the arts and economy in Delaware.


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