DAA is committed to preserving funding of the National Endowment of the Arts, National Endowment of the Humanities, and the Public Broadcasting Service through arts advocacy efforts with Americans for the Arts. Our goal is to engage advocates and let our elected officials know that support of the NEA is important to Delaware’s arts institutions and community in the #SAVEtheNEA Campaign.

#SAVEtheNEA Advocacy News and Updates

July 19, 2017

Bill Funding NEA Passes Through the House Appropriations Committee

The state of the National Endowment of the Artscontinues to be uncertain. On July 18 the U.S. House Interior Appropriations Committee approved funding for the National Endowment for the Arts at $145 million for FY 2018. While this is a $5 million cut from current levels and $10 million less than the request by a record number of members of Congress, it is not the elimination of the agency proposed by the Trump administration. The proposal will now advance to a possible action on the U.S. House floor in the coming weeks and the Senate’s proposal is expected after Labor Day. Since NEA funds make up about 17% of Delaware‘s state artsbudget, it is vital to reach Delaware‘s members of congress (who support federal arts funding) and tell them you support funding the NEA!

May 23, 2017

Help us SAVE the NEA–Federal Budget Details on Proposed Elimination of Cultural Agencies 
As expected, the White House released details of the proposed Fiscal Year 2018 federal budget, including elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS), and Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). A small amount of funding is proposed for “expenses to carry out their closure.”

In addition, $27 million in assistance for arts education through the U.S. Department of Education, and $140 million in student support and academic enrichment grants (new grants authorized under the Every Student Succeeds Act) are eliminated.  See the chart below:

While Congress supported restoring $2 million to each of the cultural agencies for the FY2017 budget in April, this FY2018 budget presents a new battle. The sequester is back, meaning automatic spending cuts, and the federal debt ceiling was reached back in March. These pressures set the scene for a heated budget debate this summer. Hearings on the cultural agencies have not yet been scheduled, but if Congress cannot reach agreement on a FY2018 budget (or Continuing Resolution) by September 30, the threat of a government shutdown becomes a real possibility.

Here’s what YOU can do:

  1. Please reach out to your members of Congress and ask them to continue to support the NEA at $155 million in FY 2018.  All of Delaware’s members of Congress support federal funding of the arts through the NEA but they still need to know that their constituents do too!
  2. Send a tweet to your members of Congress. Click the Twitter logo on that page to pull up the customizable message that will automatically send to your specific members of Congress.
  3. Share this link with your networks in Delaware AND in other states, the communications will automatically send to their specific members of Congress.
  4. Keep checking this page for other ways to support this effort.
  5. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and tell us #WhyDEArtsMatter to your community and why we should #SAVEtheNEA!

#SAVEtheNEA Postcard Campaign

DAA has created a postcard template, which can be printed and mailed to elected officials to show your support of state and federal funding of the arts. You can get creative in spreading the word–host a postcard party and invite your friends to fill out postcards or share these virtually to your network. Consider using one of the “Top Ten Reasons to Support Funding of the Arts” in the message section.

There are two postcard template types for each campaign: one you can print on any home printer and one that you can have professionally printed.

Home Printing:
Download this 8.5” X 11” size template
Print on 8.5” X 11” paper
Fold and tape
Customize your message (consider using one of the “Top Ten Reasons to Support Funding of the Arts”)
Add postcard postage and mail to your elected officials

#SAVEtheNEA Federal Funding Postcard Print at Home

Professional Printing:
Download these standard size postcard templates (front and back)
Upload to a professional printing site that prints postcards (like Vista Print, Staples, etc.)
When your postcards arrive, customize your message (consider using one of the “Top Ten Reasons to Support Funding of the Arts”)
Add postcard postage and mail to your elected officials

#SAVEtheNEA professional printing postcard template front

#SAVEtheNEA professional printing postcard template back

#SAVEtheNEA Social Media Campaign

We are asking DAA Members, Institutional Supporters, and friends to participate in the #WhyDEArtsMatter social media campaign. DAA will be posting stories, action alerts, and news on our social media sites.  Please share with your social media network. Also share your stories and reasons why the arts are important to you and why you support federal funding of the arts with the hashtag #SAVEtheNEA.  When tweeting your reasons, consider including your elected officials’ twitter handles along with the hashtag #SAVEtheNEA

Advocacy Resources and Fact Sheets

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies NEA Arts Investment Fact Sheet

The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies compiled a compelling list of facts on the value and impact of NEA, along with information on how NEA funding impacts DDOA funding in Delaware.  Included in the Fact Sheet is a map of Delaware showing NEA and state arts funding.

NEA State Fact Sheet 2017 Delaware

Top Ten Reasons to Support Funding of the Arts

DAA upholds the Americans for the Arts’ Top Ten Reasons to Support Funding of the Arts.  We added some facts about the impact of the arts on Delaware’s economy and culture in this list below.  Click on the link below for the list and add one of these reasons on your postcard.  Share the list on social media too!

Top 10 Reasons to Support the Arts

Top Ten Reasons to Support the Arts poster

Stories on the Impact of the Arts

DAA worked with the Delaware Division of the Arts in presenting a compilation of real-life stories to support the data we have about why the arts are important.  As Randy Cohen from Americans for the Arts says about arts advocacy, “No stories without data, and no data without stories”.

You can read this impactful collection of stories here: DDOA Arts Stories

State and Federal Funding for Delaware’s Art Sector

Here is a useful diagram from the Delaware Division of the Arts, which shows how the Delaware arts sector is funded by the state and federal government.

DDOA Funding Sources FY2017